Master’s Week

Golf is for old people and flowboarding is for young people, or at least that is the common perspective.

However, over the past couple of years the golf game as seen the some of the young guns dominate the game and open up the competition.

On the FlowRider FLOW Tour, we are seeing similar trends in the sport of flowboarding, but not just with the youngsters. The Masters Division competitors are making a BIG splash on and off the wave.

In honor of the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament, we present to you, The Master’s of FLOW Tour competitions.

Ever heard to the saying “Old guys rule”? Well, the Masters division rip just as hard as any and they refuse to back down when it comes to the FlowRider and competition.

The Masters Division is open to riders and participants 35 years and older. “When these flowboarders are on the wave, their age doesn’t show one bit” explained FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller.

Over the years, season veterans like Jonathan Root, Matt Chipman, Eddie Endzo, Mike Pappy, Nate Jolly, Nick Gust, Mike Nelson and others have traveled the country to compete (most the time bringing the kids along); even challenged themselves against the younger Men’s Division (18+) competitors.

Not only does this division continue push the limits as they age but they are also great role models for other adults to join the FLOW movement and bring awareness to the FlowRider attraction.

So next time you see a Masters Division competitor or older rider, respect your elders.

See ya on the wave!