Moment of Motivation

Heart race is rapidly increasing, legs are shaking and the crowd noise has clogged your head! All of a sudden, something you have done so many times, becomes that much harder.

That’s right flowboarders, the season is finally here! The 2016 FlowRider FLOW Tour kicks off this weekend; if you are new to competition and the FLOW Tour, you will soon know that rush of adrenaline we just described.

With 20+ venues hosting FLOW Tour competitions in the US alone, half a dozen in Asia and a few in Europe, this season is setting up to be one of the biggest in recent history.

Flowboarders all around the world are anxious to gear up and eager to compete on various FlowRider attractions this summer in chase for a National Title and bragging rights on the wave.

Who will be our champions? Who will represent their country at the World Championships? Only time will tell.

If you thought waiting through the winter to ride at your home wave or anticipating the announcement of the FLOW Tour schedule was nerve wracking, just wait until you are standing on the wave, ready to drop in with the spot light on you.

Thousands of gallons of water rushing at 25+mph up the ride surface, announcer calling your name; spectators, friends and family members cheering you on from the crowd seems to be challenging enough, now factor in the judging panel.

Competitors have 30-40 seconds (depending on their division) to showcase their skills on the FlowRider in front of an experienced and knowledgeable judging panel. Competitors will have 3 chances, their top 2 scores will count. Judges are looking for a combination of trick difficulty, execution and overall style.

Although, flowboarding is a very humbling sport and near impossible to master, judges have a strict scale (1-10) and are looking for the perfect run in the given time frame.

As one rider completes their run, they leave the wave open for the next competitor. However, while judges are deliberating the previous runs score, the following rider is left waiting in anticipation.

Sometimes it takes scores longer to drop than others; riders can become inpatient, eager or even lose momentum. While it may get to some, the top competitors play their own mind games and refuse to let this down time get to them.

Which brings us to wonder, what are these riders thinking about before the clock resets and they are given the thumbs up to enter the wave? What drives them in between runs?

Our team at is going to track down top competitors to find out what is going through their heads before they enter the wave, so be sure the check back and read the photo gallery captions (above)!

Clock is set, judges are ready… thumb’s up, it’s FLOW Time!