Nate Murray. Does the name ring a bell?

If the name rings a bell, you won’t be too surprised by his latest video edit (see below). However, if you are not familiar with Nate, we are excited to share his story with you.

Although Nate wasn’t mentioned in our recent post, “Who to Watch: Pro Flowboarders” (click the link), he is one of the underdogs you want to watch this season on the 2017 USA FLOW Tour because he will certainly be a threat in any event he enters.

“I started snowboarding when I was 8 years old and then I moved to the Sunshine State of Florida,” Murray tells us.  Growing up in South Florida – Fort Lauderdale to be exact – didn’t provide much opportunity for Nate to continue his snowboarding activities.  Luckily for Nate though, he quickly picked up skateboarding and soon became a part of the BC Surf & Sport Skate Team at the age of 22.  Nate is now a sponsored skateboarder, who was born in Buffalo, NY and has a healthy addiction to board sports.

For about five years, Nate traveled to skate contest after skate contest and showcased his skills as much as he possibly could.  Then in 2011, Murray rolled across the FlowRider® wave simulator at Aqua Shop in Hallendale Beach, Florida.  Nate immediately got the hang of how to ride wave machine and before he knew it, he was one of the few employees that help manage the FlowRider at the Aqua Shop and was teaching other participants how to Go With The Flow ™.  As Nate developed his skills on the FlowRider, he also developed a passion and naturally started to compete in FLOW Tour competitions a mere 6 months later.

All sounds fine and dandy, right?  Then why haven’t we seen Nate on Tour in recent seasons?  Why isn’t his name among some of the best flowboarders in the sport?

“I took a three year break from flowboarding, because I had nowhere to ride unfortunately,” explained Nate.  He went on to explain that Aqua Shop in Hallendale shut its doors and left Nate without a home wave only a year after he started!

However, with the recent installation of the FlowRider Double at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, Nate has found himself a home wave to shred, a new job to keep him in the game and that passion for flowboarding he thought he had lost.

“Nate knows how to compete, and he has the technical tricks to compete at the highest level,” says Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator.  With Nate back on the wave and actively riding, the sky is the limit for him.

“Pro Division all day,” was Murray’s response, when we asked what his plans were for the 2017 FLOW Tour season. “I am going to enter as many events as I can and train my a$$ of for the 2017 World Flowboarding Championships,” Murray added.

Recently, Murray has been added to the FlowRider® team. So, Nate isn’t the only one showing confidence in himself for the upcoming season. Just watch his latest flowboarding edit below and let his riding back up everything you just read.

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