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Tested by flowboarders, for flowboarders.

NEW 40.5″ Shuv-It Xtreme Model 

“We have been demoing this model for several months now. We have used it at trainings, tested it on our friends and families members as well had it tweaked and modified by professional riders. This board really is great for all levels of riding!”Adam Muller

“Feels a lot like my skateboard, that familiarity really helps my riding.”Daniel Tarapchak

“The rocker and step channels give me a lot of pop!” Nick Nguyen 

“This board feels so good, it really helped progress my flip tricks!” Nicholas Sanchez


Product Description:

The board that got it all started; often imitated never duplicated, now has it’s own Xtreme version. “The Shuv-It X” is a great board for all flowboarders, whether you are a beginner, novice or advanced rider.

The Shuv-It Xtreme model stems from the roots of the Shuv-It family but comes equipped with built in deck concave, step channels and graphite construction.

The wide outline provides great stability for riders looking to learn how to ride or land new tricks while the carbon fiber/graphite construction adds just the right amount of rocker and light weight construction.  This allows for additional extra pop, maneuverability and advanced tricks.

Shaped with a squash tail this board holds tighter controlled turns and its’ weight makes shuvits and other tricks easier to stick. EVA deck and rail provides added protection. Comes with step channels.


Watch Daniel Tarapchak, beginners and novice riders test out this new model!


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