Next Level Flowboarding on the WaveOz

Unless you are Sean Silveria or a local shredder in Olímpia, Brazil, not many flowboarders have had the opportunity to experience the flow of the WaveOz, the 180 degree wave simulator by FlowRider.

These unseen clips of the 5x World Flowboarding Champion lets you see what it’s like to drop in and ride on the newest FlowRider® attraction – WaveOz™.

As mentioned, the only WaveOz in operation is located in Brazil at a world class waterpark called Thermas dos Laranjais.  While FlowRider, Inc. may or may not have future WaveOz projects on their lengthy list of upcoming installs, flowboarders all over the world are craving the opportunity to ride this attraction.

You are not alone, flowboarders.  The team at FlowRider, Inc. and also dreams about the 180 degrees of rideable rail on this enormous attraction.  Nonetheless, while we were all busy trying to figure out human teleporting, we talked with Silveira about his experience on the WaveOz during the Grand Opening and also compiled a bunch of never before seen footage of him riding alongside some stoked locals.

“I love that you can pump and get lots of speed all the around the surface, feels a lot more like actual surfing!” says Sean, who comes from a surf and skate background and is now transition into wake surfing. “Laying down a huge carve and spraying off the lip, was probably my favorite thing to do,” he added.

 “The WaveOz may very well be the competition wave of the future for flowboarders,” states FLOW Tour Coordinator and FlowRider Sport Marketing Manager, Adam Muller. “With 187 feet, rail to rail, a multitude of tricks can be performed and it opens doors for new opportunities and maneuvers,” Muller added.

Get ready because this video provides a firsthand look at how massive this wave really is!  Watching from Sean’s POV as he races across the surface from corner to corner and some produces some high level tricks has us stoked!  What tricks would you try to pull off if you had a session on the WaveOz?