Pawnee Plunge Flow Clinics


Try surfing in Nebraska? That’s right, experience the thrill of riding a wave in Nebraska!

The FlowRider surf simulator is the featured attraction at roughly 100 various stand-alone venues, waterparks, top hotels and aquatic centers domestically. FlowRider, Inc. thrives on bringing the Southern California lifestyle and the surfing experience anywhere in the world! Including, Columbus, Nebraska. Read more here

You may not relate “surfing” with “Nebraska” or label the city of Columbus as a surfing community, but locals there are most certainly board sport enthusiasts and are determined to grow the flow!

The behind-the-scenes group in Columbus is so passionate about the sport, lifestyle and attraction that they are welcoming the local community to a FlowRider Expo this weekend! This is all happening as an effort to showcase the “skill vs. thrill” FlowRider and to increase awareness of the sport to its community.

The flowboarders community has teamed up with Columbus Aquatics in Nebraska to offer free “flow clinics” (with their $3.00 wrist band) at Pawnee Plunge this Saturday, June 24th. Sessions will be scheduled out every other hour on the hour starting around noon with limited slots available, so it’s strongly recommended that you contact Pawnee Plunge Waterpark to sign up in advance to secure a slot.

Welcoming participants of all skill levels (beginner, novice, and intermediate). FlowRider Flow Pro and training specialist, Adam Muller, will be hands-on and will be engaging with participants closely to assure they are comfortable riding the wave, are learning basics techniques and maybe some new tricks!

“Flow Clinics” allow participants to Flow with a pro, who while onsite, will be eager to help beginners learn to ride and or increase their skill sets on the FlowRider.

These sessions are open for those who are want in-depth training on basic to advanced skills. Participants will get one-on-one time and hands-on training from the FlowRider Training Specialist. In addition, the weekend will consist of a venue staff training also conducted by FlowRider Training Specialist and FLOW Tour coordinator, Adam Muller.

“It’s always recommend the venues do a refresher training ever year or each season to update the staff on best training techniques and wave operations,” explains Muller. “This is an exciting and unique attraction that can create a lifestyle anywhere in the world. I look forward to passing along my passion and experience to the locals at Pawnee Plunge,” Muller added.

To back up their Flow Clinics and keep things flowing in Columbus, Pawnee Plunge Waterpark has schedule for their 1st Annual FlowRider FLOW Tour Pro/Am competition for August 19th, 2017. The event encourages participants of all ages and skill levels to join, there is a division for everyone!

You can pre-register for the contest here:

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