Pro Flowboarders to watch on FT17

The 2017 FlowRider® FLOW Tour is just about set to flow across the nation, from the mountains to the seas and just about everywhere in between. 

During the tour, local riders are always eager to showcase their skills and defend their home wave when the best in the country roll through their territory.  The sport of flowboarding is gaining positive traction! 

While each season we see a new wave of Flowboarders step up their game on the FLOW Tour and test their moves in competition, let’s not forget about those FLOW Tour Veterans who not only pioneered the way, but also set the bar and continue to raised it!

Leading up to the season we are going to highlight some well known names and popular riders that we think you should follow and keep your eyes on this season. 

Here are 7 riders in the Pro Flowboard Division on the USA Tour to keep your eyes on in 2017:

Sean Silveira:

The man, the myth, the legend. Sean has seen the world via FLOW Tour and we can only hope he is able to grace us with his presence on the wave in 2017. “Respect his flow” because his resume features 5 USA National Championships and 5 World Flowboarding Championships!

Sean has been working for FlowRider Inc more often, running the FlowRider Mobile and installing waves around the World ,but he claims he plans to take a stab at re-claiming the USA FLOW Tour Pro Flowboard Title in 2017.

Venue: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Brad Spencer:

Mr. Consistent is always a favorite on the FLOW Tour and his consistency is a pleasure to watch.

Brad recently accepted a position working at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino so know we will see him at Prime Stop #5, hosted by Planet Hollywood, but we are also hopeful he will continue to make the travel efforts and potentially earn himself a third consecutive USA FlowRider FLOW Tour Pro Men’s Title.

Do we smell a three-peat?

Venue: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Jake Chipman:

A.K.A “J-Chip” or “The Kid” (as some of the Pros refer to him as) is hot off winning the 2016 World Flowboarding Championships against some of the toughest competition we have seen to date and probably prefers to be known as the 2x Defending World Flowboarding Champion (Pro Men’s Flowboard).

There is no “off season” for Chipman, if follow his social media accounts, he is constantly posting new tricks and elevating his maneuvers.

Keep your eyes on the defending World Champion, he always seems to be busting out new tricks!

Venue: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Taylor Hales:

Taylor has been consistently working his way up the ranks of the past few years and has paid his dues on the FLOW Tour.

Taylor’s riding style will grab your attention and leave you wanting more after every run! Now, with a couple years of competition experience under his belt and a little extra motivation from his riding partner, Jake Chipman, Hales is sure to be a real threat in 2017.

We can almost guarantee Hales will be  providing us with some serious up sets this season in the Pro Flowboard division.

Venue: Provo Beach, Utah

Nick Sanchez:

Mostly known for his bodyboarding back to back USA and World Titles in the Pro Bodyboard Division, “Dirty” Sanchez is making it known that he will be in the mix when it comes to the Pro Flowboard Division as well!

Would be insane for a flowboarder to win both the Bodyboarding and Flowboarding Titles! Right?

Venue: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Jordan Munoa:

Keep your head up and line of site even higher!

Jordan stands out from a crowded wave by getting a lot of pop and hang time when throwing massive tricks on the FlowRider. If Jordan can put a couple heats together, he will be a sneaker to make a break through this year on the FLOW Tour.

Venue: FlowRider Utah, Ogden

TK Barreto:

TK has style for days and always seems to have a fun when he is riding, no matter what is level of performance is!

TK is known for pulling off some unique maneuvers and also has the ability to throw down serious technical bangers at any given time during a run!

When TK is on, he is on!

Venue: FlowRider Utah, Ogden