Get Tubed Tuesday

Want to get parked? Tubed? Shacked? Piped? Pitted?

Well, it’s #GetTubedTuesday!

Surfers from prior generations have traveled the globe in search of the perfect wave. From Bruce Brown’s epic travelogue “The Endless Summer” to the youth of today looking for blown out peaks to perfect their aerial attack, the goals have always been the same – maximize adrenaline.

The FlowBarrel provides that epic view surfers strive for. A view from deep inside the barrel is priceless, but with the FlowRider FlowBarrel you can own that view and get it 24/7.

Knowing that there are not many FlowBarrels installed and/or operating around the world, these venues, Wave House San DiegoWave House SentosaWave House Mallorca, Mall Sport Chile and Yas Waterworld, along their local flowboarders pride them self on the massive, barreling wave simulator.

In honor of #GetTubedTuesday we wanted to share a riders point of view  of flowboarders pulling in deep and parking themselves under the lip of 100,000 gallons of water rushing out per second. We hope you enjoy these photos; you can also watch the video clip of Derek ‘Zoo’ Zeemen parking him self under the lip!