Redcar FlowRider European FLOW Tour

Once again, the European Flowboarding Community were welcomed back to the FlowRider® at the Everyone Active Redcar Leisure Centre and Community Heart, in the Northeast of England. The event had a great turn out, with riders travelling some pretty impressive distances to compete!

Even though the FlowRider attraction uses a small footprint, it can create a huge impact at any venue. The Redcar location did just that by hosting the European FLOW Tour event, transforming the single jet sheet wave and family attraction into a sporting arena and competitive platform.

When a venue lacks in real estate, the wave (FlowRider Single), is obviously a great option, allowing for the advanced riders to experience the same rush and showcase their tricks in a controlled environment.  Despite the smaller venue, Redcar personnel makes up for it in passion and commitment to growing the flow and give back to the sport of flowboarding.

“It’s great when venue management gets behind its local community a supports the ridership. RedCar is stepping up their game and have been welcomed as an Official FLOW Tour hosting venue, hopefully for years to come!” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator.  The 3rd Annual FlowRider Redcar flowboarding competition was held last weekend, May 12th – it continues to get bigger and better each year!

With newly established European FlowRider FLOW Representatives, Sam Powell and Jeremy Brdn, the European FLOW Tour is headed in a positive direction. Sam and Jeremy work behind the scenes to not only promote the sport, but also to bring these events to life.  Additional credit is due to local management and staff for welcoming riders and providing access the wave attraction.

Richie Mitchell, FlowRider Manager at Redcar Leisure Centre & Community Heart stated:

“The 2018 FlowRider Redcar Pro/Am was undoubtedly the most successful competition we have run.  The standard of the competitors, not only the seasoned riders but local young people and adults was outstanding.  The FlowRider and the competition has had a positive effect on the lives of quite a number of young people in the local area, not only in helping to keep them fit and healthy but in giving them a positive outlet.  On a personal note the competition is such a friendly and welcoming environment that it is a pleasure to host this each year.”

Numbers of new kids on the block were coming to challenge the more seasoned competitors, with special mentions for Ricky Berrill, Blaze L’Enfant and Dave Hayes who all made the finals in the Pro Flowboard division against some tough competition in their first Pro Event.  Each athlete laid down some seriously advanced manoeuvres.

In the end though, the more seasoned competitors and European and World Flowboarding Championship veterans, Chris Forsdike, Millie Clark and Sam Powell took the top spots in their respective divisions.

Because this was an official FLOW Tour event, top riders earned points towards a trip to the European FlowRider FLOW Tour Champiopnships hosted by Surf Lounge Ibiza this July!

The Finals provide tough match ups and close scores, with all of the competitors offering some incredibly skilled and control runs, creating some nail-biting heats. In the end, the difference between the top 3 finishers was nearly less than a point in most, if not all, divisions.  The Masters point gap was very narrow, leaving no room for relaxed riding.

In the Pro Flowboard category, after three rides, the judges had flowboarders, Ricky and Blaze, exactly tied!

As always, it’s always great to see the young competitors entering their first contest – the number of young and happy faces around at the event further convinces us that flowboarding has a bright future in Europe.  Richard Austin, whose son Charlie was competing for the first time said:

“A super weekend up with you guys. Charlie loved it and learned a lot plus so many lovely people – real nice family feeling. Thanks for making us feel welcome!”

All in all an extremely positive event for European Flowboarding – we can’t wait for the European Championships on 15th and 16th July at Surf Lounge Ibiza.

Hats off to all competitors and congratulations to the division finalist. Watch the videos below, check out the full event results below and scroll back up to view the photo gallery!

Redcar FlowRider Pro/Am 2018 – Final Results

Junior Bodyboard                                                      Women’s Pro Flowboard

1st        –           Cole Clark                                           1st        –           Millie Clark

2nd       –           Jack Murphy                                       2nd       –           Jennifer Dixon

Junior Flowboard                                                       3rd        –           Daisy-Mae Ellis

1st        –           Cody Ellis                                            4th        –           Hannah Brown

2nd       –           Daisy-Mae Ellis                                   Pro Bodyboard

Youth Flowboard                                                       1st        –           Sam Powell

1st        –           Blaze L’Enfant                         2nd       –           Davie Forsdike

2nd       –           Davie Forsdike                                    3rd        –           Hannah Brown

3rd        –           Charlie Austin                        4th        –           Matthew Brown

Novice Bodyboard                                                     Pro Flowboard

1st        –           Charlie Austin                        1st        –           Chris Forsdike

2nd       –           Cole Clark                                           Joint 2nd –        Ricky Berrill & Blaze

3rd        –           Jack Murphy                                                               L’Enfant

4th        –           Sean Laver                                          4th        –           Dave Hayes

Novice Flowboard

1st        –           Ricky Berrill

2nd       –           Dave Hayes

3rd        –           Reece Dickinson

4th        –           Carl Pearson

Masters Flowboard

1st        –           Grippa Brown

2nd       –           Adrian L’Enfant

3rd        –           Tony Ellis

4th        –           Sven Garas