Shakas In Seattle

One of the many awesome parts about being a flowboarder is you never know where the flow will take you! With FlowRider pushing close to 200 installations worldwide and counting, just about anywhere you go, you can flow.

“I never would have expected to travel to some of the destinations I’ve been through the sport of flowboarding,” mentions FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller.

Growing up surfing the coast of South East Florida, Muller wasn’t necessarily keen to venture inland to land locked locations (where he couldn’t surf). But the sport of flowboarding has given Muller a unique perspective on destinations and constantly introduces a new respect for different communities, culture and environmental surroundings.

Most recently, Adam, joined by friend and Pro Flowboarder, Nick Nguyen, ventured to Snohomish Aquatic Center for their Pro/Am Competition. Nguyen, a 5x World Bodyboarding Champion on the FlowRider, has travelled to all ends of the country and various parts of the world.

With flights in and out Seattle it was a no-brainer that they had to check out the nearby sites. The state of Washington has a lot to offer, including some pretty epic views, tasty coffee and more.

Adam and Nick had some down time before the contest and took advice from locals who sent them from Snohomish to the city of Seattle.

On the way there, they cruised through the old town of Snohomish checking out the local businesses and cruising the mom and pop shops. Adam and Nick continued with their sightseeing on the drive to Seattle and visited two different parks. These parks offered some amazing views and some more cool, friendly locals.

Once in Seattle, Adam and Nick stopped by Gas Works Park. This public park is on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant. This eccentric park opened to the public in 1975 and is known as “easily the strangest park in Seattle and may rank among the strangest in the world” (Seattle Times Newspaper). The guys can attest that it is truly bizarre to see kids playing on a playground that was once a gas plant.

While they cruised around the park some more, they came across a 28-foot wide sundial on the top of a hill. The view from up there gives the best view of the Seattle skyline complete with the iconic Space Needle. And it turns out that the enormous sundial on top of the hill is public art that was designed and erected in 1978 and the hill itself is known as one of the best places to fly a kite in the country.

The boys wanted to get a more up close look at the Space Needle so the ventured down to Kerry’s Park. According to the memorial, the park was donated to the city by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry in 1927 so that any visitors passing through could stop and enjoy the view that showcases Elliot Bat, Bainbridge Island, Mount Rainier and Downtown Seattle.

After checking out the views from the outskirts of the city, they made their way in for lunch and local culture. Off to the very famous Pike’s Place Public Market they went – it was time to “Pike Up!”

From fresh fish to blooming flowers and everything in between, the market had everything to offer and then some.

The first Starbucks Coffee is in Pikes Place and had a 2+ hours wait for a cup of coffee! Apparently this coffee is made with some secret, purified water, but no, that was still not enough to make Nick & Adam wait.

The food is so good here, I couldn’t stop eating!” explains Nick Nguyen.  Nick was focused on hunting down a good bakery and tasty pastries. After the pastry mission was complete, Nick “Hungry Man” Nguyen still had an appetite for good food, so he ordered some ribs and oysters to fill up his stomach.

“I don’t always get these opportunities when I travel, but when I do, there is nothing better! I highly encourage other flowboarders to do the same when they travel for FLOW Tour contests,” mentions Muller. “Don’t just post up at the venue and ride the wave. Get out there and explore!” he added.

If this doesn’t get you motivated to step outside of your comfort zone and explore unknown territories, we’re not sure what will. Check out the photos from the trip and be sure to share yours next time you go on a “flowcation” or follow the FLOW Tour to unique destinations.