Shaping up the fine details for 2017

FR Team riders and two of the best flowboarders on a bodyboard, when it comes to the FlowRider® attraction, Nick Nguyen (@google_13roz) and Daniel Tarapchak (@look_its_daniel), shape up the fine details on their 2017 Pro models by with the team at Superior Foam Supply.

Adam Muller, FlowRider Sport Events, Marketing and Retail Manager, Nick Nguyen and Daniel Tarapchak took a short road trip from the FlowRider Headquarters in San Diego to the Superior Foam Supply factory in Oceanside, California this past Friday. The three flowboarders met with ownership, shapers and sales representative to get their Pro models dialed for production.

“As the sport grows, more features come in to play and riders want to customize their boards, naturally,” explains Pete, the lead shaper.

Superior Foam Supply is a major player in the ocean bodyboard industry/market, making a premiere product with the best materials for both the ocean and FlowRider wave simulators. FlowRider and Superior Foam Supply have been working together for several years, constantly progressing the product on both ends – this just another step in that direction. Superior Foam Supply is very familiar with the FlowRider bodyboards and have now added additional templates to the FlowRider stack.

If you are not familiar with the aforementioned riders, first we have Nick Nguyen. Nick is currently #2 in the World, is a 5x World Bodyboarding Champion and is a legend in the sport of flowboarding. Nick grew up riding in Dallas, Texas and now finds himself living in California. Nguyen invented the ever so popular “rodeo flip” and has progressed the level of bodyboarding for over a decade. Nick is also the founder of 13roz Flowboarding Company and a contributor here at Needless to say, a lot of young riders look up to Nick. He is heavily involved and well known in the flow community.

In collaboration with, 13roz and FlowRider will release a 2017 Nick Nguyen Pro Model bodyboard. Sizing up at 36”, dual channels, with a wider outline and rodeo grips, this will be a top of the line product. “I have ridden various brands of boards, FlowRider seems to be the most consistent and I am excited to be working with them.” We hope it sends you on your way to multiple World Championships – like Nick!

Next we have Daniel Tarapchak, Daniel has been involved with the sport of flowboarding since he was 7 years old. Not only is Daniel the nicest kid on and off the wave, but a rising star and possibly the best Bodyboarder in the game right now. He too holds a World Bodyboard Championship title. At the young age of 15, Daniel won the 2012 World Flowboarding Championships (Ogden,Utah), beating out Nick Nguyen. “The FR boards are top of the line and really stoked to fine tune my own shape” states Tarapchak. “I would recommend any of the models, and hopefully people enjoy mine!” Daniel adds.

“Daniel is a light weight and fast-paced rider who soars to the air every chance he gets,” explains FLOW Tour Director, Adam Muller. “He is definitely a crowd favorite at competitions and he continues to evolve as a rider,” adds Muller. The DT Pro model will be a 35” board with a narrower outline, thinner rails and a shaved tail for maximum performance. The Pro model board will be custom tailored to Daniel’s liking and will feature the slick grips under the nose and a flat to medium rocker.

The Pro line of bodyboards, featuring Nick and Daniels models, will be stocked and available on in January 2017, just in time to gear up for the FLOW Tour.

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