• “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model
  • “The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model

“The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model

Like all new board models, it has to go through testing phases.  FlowRiderShop.com only offers Pro Rider-Tested and FlowRider-Approved products.  Isara’s Pro model is no different.

Ok, maybe a little different, here’s why.

“Have you seen this kid [ISARA] ride?” asked Adam Muller when discussing about Isara’s future and potential in flowboarding. “He rides hard and very often- I can’t wait to see him back on the world stage.”

If you have seen him ride, he needs no introduction – But, if not,  let us introduce you to The Simba! (click play, double tap and follow!)

Mind you Isara is only 14 years old,  yet he was a dark horse in the 2016 FlowRider World Championships hosted by Wave House™ Singapore and won his first Asia FLOW Tour Prime Event this year (2017 at @ Flow House Bangkok)! He just  “Can’t wait to be King”.

With that being said, FlowRiderShop and Isara have been working closely together over the last year and sent multiple boards throughout the 2017 Asia FLOW Tour season and will continue to support him moving forward.

“I love my boards,” explains Isara.  “The shape, the weight, and the channels all work perfect for me!”  However, the boards were not holding up very long, due to his aggressive (but still smooth), advanced level of riding.  With Isara pushing his own limits to the edge and then extending even further, the boards were taking a beating.  This is not to say it’s a bad thing; he is just riding All. The. Time!

Going back and forth, constantly improving the outline, construction and materials of our in-house and hand-shaped boards, Singto provided the shaping team at FlowRider Shop with very valuable feedback to help improve the products.

The the NEW Graphite Shuv-it and Carve models for 2018 feature a revamped construction process. This makes the board stronger, more durable for advance riding and still allows it to maintain its light weight.

The step channel feature has been updated for these models and will extend 10” down from the nose and tail, providing just the right amount of grab underneath your feet when setting up or landing your tricks.  Even though this updated step channel feature requires a different construction process, we are happy with the stronger rails and overall performance.

“When I do any trick, basic or advanced…it’s like the board locks on the water.” – ISARA SINGTO

The 2018 Graphite model boards were designed to appeal to various ride styles from beginner to intermediate levels and all the way into the Pro ranks, but also wanted to be sure it stayed within a specific (affordable) price range.

These boards are great for flowboarders looking to get their own board and take their riding the next level, without having the break the piggy bank.

Although, it’s great for novice riders, some FlowRider Team​ & Pro flowboarders​, including Asia Star, Isara Singto The Simba​, Nei Isara​, have taken a serious liking to the model (WATCH CLIPS AND LET THEM SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!)

 “Whatever your level, you gonna love it,” Isara notes when asked if he would recommend this board to other riders.

You can find Isara wave hopping at all the most popular FlowRider venue locations, whether it be Surf House Patong/Phuket, Cartoon Network Amazone or Flow House Bangkok. Stay social and be sure to follow this upcoming future flow star!


The 2018 Graphite models will be available in various Shuv-It and Carve Graphite models. Isara’s Pro model will come equipped with his custom SIMBA VGT (minus the sponsor logos).

Stay social and be sure to check out www.FlowRiderShop.com for more details!


FlowCiety Test Rides the 2018 Models From FlowRiderShop.com