Small Island, Big Event & a Whole Lot of Flow Love

Small Island, Big Event & a Whole Lot of Flow Love

As soon as we booked our hosting venue for Worlds this year, we knew it was going to be great. Surf House Punta Cana, their staff, the sparking new venue, the athletes and the die-hard fans blew us away!

Considering the success of this event, the sport of Flowboarding definitely took a big leap forward. We owe a lot to all the dedicated flowboarders and our supportive sponsors for their contributions on and off the wave.

A couple ‘firsts’ took place this year. First, we all traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time. Secondly, we integrated the Stact App into our competition for real-time scoring. We keep raising the bar and are constantly looking for ways to continue doing just that.

The addition of the live scoring and immediate results through Stact was a game changer – basically the precise push our sport needed. The interactive app allowed competitors to follow their heat scores in real time and know exactly what scores they needed to advance.

Competitors either had their smart phones on the wave or had their posse to the side constantly refreshing the scores and relaying updates to riders on the wave, helping them know what score they needed to advance or take the win!

Surf House Punta Cana, located in the Downtown Mall, is the hottest spot to be in the DR. It’s hands down the best place to beat the heat and the atmosphere easily gets people amped up and excited to be there day and night.

Top flowboarders from around the globe made the trip from far and near to represent their country’s flag and compete on the FlowRider® for cash money and the World Title in their respective divisions. “This is what is all about right here,” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator. “The best of the best going at it and putting on a display of the highest level of riding for the world to see!” Muller adds.

Flowboarders partnered with EXTREME (extreme sports social media giant) to provide an additional live media outlet, exposing Flowboarding to over 4.5 million followers. The event drew in 192,000 live stream views and counting!

Team USA has been dominating through the years and this competition was no exception – they claimed the Team Title yet again. This year’s Team Champions were Scott Callens, Daniel Tarapchak and Monica Caffrey. However, Team Asia was on their heels this year and finished a closed runner-up with a lot of young talent and rising flow stars. Team Europe, finishing in the 3rd spot, is always well represented and continuously putting the pressure on.

Defending World Champions, Annissa Flynn from Thailand (Women’s Flowboard) and Daniel Tarapchak from the USA (Bodyboard) were successful in retaining their titles, going back to back!

Brad Spencer (2012 Flowboard World Champion) from the USA, worked his way back up the leader board, defeating 6x World Champion, Sean Silveira, and holding off the King of Asia, Nazari Salim in the finals to find himself back on top of the podium, claiming his second World Title.

“Brad is a consistent rider and a top-notch competitor. He always knows exactly what he needs to do and has the big tricks to earn the scores,” mentioned FLOW head judge, Rob Chalfant. “It certainly worked to his advantage having the live scoring, Brad is a mastermind when it comes to competition,” Chalfant adds.

Joel Stevens (FL) was the bodyboard Runner-Up, showcasing a variety of tricks and smooth riding throughout the competition.

“We’ve seen Joel come a long way and he is here to stay for foreseeable future,” says Bodyboard Judge and event emcee, Andy Haase.

The event’s youngest competitor, Patrick Wongwut (11) from Thailand, battled his way through elimination rounds, using his energy to his advantage; displaying a lot of flare and variety in his riding to edge out Dale Proctor (AUS) in the semifinals and secure his spot on the Bodyboard finals, earning him self a 3rd place finish.

The Women’s Flowboard Division provided tight competition in the semifinals and finals. Leanna Crowley was on point with her riding but was knocked out by young up and coming riders, Zara Dhanji and Monica Caffrey. The finals included: Zara, Monica, Annissa and Austyn Victoria.

The competition also featured a locals-only division. Abraham, local wave manager, defended his home wave in stylish fashion. Coming in second was Kendri, a local rider and employee at Royalton Bavaro Resort and Spa (which also has a FlowRider Double). Rounding out the Finals was Augusto and Oliver.

With the Worlds event being the final Official FLOW Tour competition of the season, riders are already looking forward to the 2019 season. Stay social via @flowboarders for the release of the 2019 FlowRider FLOW Tour schedules for all regions and find out when the events will be coming to your home wave!

Surf House Punta Cana and the Flowboarding community worldwide wants to extend a special thanks to all the local sponsors and our Official FLOW Tour sponsors for showing their support for the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, without each and everyone one of you, it wouldn’t have been the same. It was a fantastic event due in big part to all your contributions and trust.

See ya on the wave!

Check out the Highlight video from the World Flowboarding Championships below. You can also find LIVE Stream replays and more footage of ALL THINGS Flowboarding at

World Champions:

Men’s Flowboard – Brad Spencer

Women’s Flowboard – Annissa Flynn

Open Bodyboard – Daniel Tarapchak

Team- USA (Daniel Tarapchak, Scott Callens, Monica Caffrey)


Men’s Flowboard

  1. Brad Spencer (USA)
  2. Sean Silveira (USA)
  3. Nari Salim (Asia)

=4th Scott Callens, Nate Murray, Isara Singto

=7th Daniel Tarapchak (USA), Matt East (USA), Alex Sobolev (Asia)

=10th Tum Nonsee (Asia), Chris Forsdike (EUR), Dale Proctor (AUS)

13th- Alex Orodica

14th- Evan Campbell

15th- Joel Stevens

16th- Ivan Collignon

17th- Mike Pappalardo

18th- Mike Caffrey

19th- Cesar E. Hernandez

Women’s Flowboard 

  1. Annissa Flynn (Asia)
  2. Monica Caffrey (USA)
  3. Zaara D (Asia)
  4. Austyn Bynon (USA)
  5. Leanna Crowley (EUR)
  6. Lexi Koefed (USA)
  7. Millie Clark (EUR)

Open Bodyboard

  1. Daniel Tarapchak (USA)
  2. Joel Stevens (USA)
  3. Patrick Wongwut (Asia)
  4. Dale Proctor (AUS)

=5th Nick Nguyen (USA), Alex Sobolev (Asia)

=7th Nari Salim (Asia), Sam Powell (Eur)