Social Shredders

Just about everyone you know is on some form of social media, so let’s stack up each other’s followers, rack up the likes and reel in the masses!

This new age of social media helps people connect, maintain relationships and share their passions with a simple click of a button.  Posting photos and sharing with the world in real time provides users with opportunities to empower themselves, create networks and access more information than ever before.

Perfect, right?!?  Let’s go a step further though and take advantage of these opportunities and combine forces!  On one side of things, the FlowRider® wave simulator is a very popular attraction, with over 200 installations worldwide.  However, on the other side of this, the attraction has birthed its own hybrid board sport – flowboarding.

As a community we need to help create a solid follower base and an overall allure for our beloved sport and attraction.  In return, this will generate awareness, attract media opportunities, and sponsorship partners to help take flowboarding to the next level.

FlowRider, Inc. developed and launched, which is an all-inclusive, interactive, web portal for anyone and everyone to help grow the exciting world of flowboarding.  FlowRider gladly foots the bill for this website’s server, man power and sourcing, but we strongly encourage riders of all skill sets from all over the world to upload their photos and videos to help support the sport and grow the flow! is one central hub for riders and sponsors around the world to share their content. As our rider participation grows and riders begin make a name for themselves in the sport, it is crucial to gather that content all in one place.

Below you will find a list of social shredders who are constantly posting flowboarding content.

Be sure to Tag @Flowboarders & use hashtags #flowboarders #flowboarding for a chance to get your image featured!  Don’t forget to upload them to your profile under the photos tab too!

Social Shredders You Need to be Following

Jake Chipman: @thejchip

J-Chip is back to back Men’s Flowboard World Flowboarding Champion and constantly taking his game to the next level.

A post shared by Jake Chipman (@thejchip) on

A post shared by Jake Chipman (@thejchip) on

Faddy: @faddyflamingo

Faddy is a FLOW Asia representative and OG in the sport of flowboarding. Faddy’s is constantly trying new tricks and combing up maneuvers. He’s even created a few of his own tricks!

A post shared by Faddy Furreal (@faddyflamingo) on

A post shared by Faddy Furreal (@faddyflamingo) on

Nick Edmunds: @getboard

Boy Wonder from down under! Edmunds is bringing awareness to the sport in Australia, promoting the lifestyle and throwing out some big tricks!

A post shared by Nick Edmunds (@getboard_) on

A post shared by Nick Edmunds (@getboard_) on

Jordan Munoa: @munoa32

Munoa is the man! Jordan goes big every time and has the footage to prove it!

A post shared by Jordan (@munoa32) on

A post shared by Jordan (@munoa32) on

Jon Reese: @JonReeseFlow 

Jon is not only a solid rider looking to make a name for him self in the Pro Ranks, he also has a creative edge to his edits and has been spending a lot of time on his new home wave and place of employment at Gaylord Palms Resort in Florida.

A post shared by Jon Reese (@jonreeseflow) on

Ridwhan A.K.A Evil Botak: @EvilBotak

Ridwhan lives to flow and get better at it! Always “unlocking” new tricks and progressing his riding, Evil Botak is one of the most passionate riders you will find in our sport.

A post shared by Ridhwan Md Salleh (@evilbotak) on

Tum: @Tumnonsee


A post shared by Tum Nonsee (@tumnonsee) on

Sam Powell:

The 2x European Champion is truly an ambassador for the sport. Powell is a veteran competitor and one of Europe’s most well known riders.

A post shared by Sam Powell (@flowpowell) on

A post shared by Sam Powell (@flowpowell) on

Austyn Bynon: @AustynVictoriaFlows

Ms. FlowLove herself, continues to lead the charge for female flowboarders around the world. Consistently finding herself on the top of the podiums during FLOW Tour competitions, promoting the sport and supporting the ladies, Austyn shares the love.

Tegan Storm: @TeganStormFlows

Tegan is a up and coming young female flowboarder who stays active on social media. Living out in Abu Dhabi and riding at Yas Waterworld most the time, her flow addiction keeps her hydrated in the dessert sands.

A post shared by tegan storm (@teganstormflows) on

A post shared by tegan storm (@teganstormflows) on

Flowciety: @Flowciety

This group of riders is passionate about the sport of flowboarding and dedicated to growing the sport! Follow their accounts and be on the look out for some epic content to come!

A post shared by Flowciety (@flowciety) on

A post shared by Flowciety (@flowciety) on

Twice the Flow: @TwiceTheFlow

Traveling the world and surfing at sea with Royal Caribbean, Twice The Flow offers some of the most unique photos, video and content that only flowboarders can dream of!

Twosdays with TK:

With an established YouTube Channel and solid internet following, Twosdays with TK is a positive outlet for the sport. Check out his channel and you will find some pretty cool videos, on and off the wave!