Splash & Play the Pawnee Plunge Way!

Pawnee Plunge Waterpark, Nebraska 

Summer is here, flowboarders! If you are looking for a “cool” way to beat the heat in Columbus, go splash and play the Pawnee Plunge way!

Catch a wave and go with the flow in Columbus, Nebraska! That’s right, you can ride waves in Nebraska and experience the thrill of surfing at Columbus Aquatics Pawnee Plunge Waterpark. It’s time to throw on your bathing suits and hit the waves, the FlowRider is waiting!

Recently, Columbus Aquatics flew in well-known flowboarder, FLOW Tour Coordinator and FlowRider’s Wave Training Specialist, Adam Muller.

“We are aiming to create a community around the FlowRider wave,” explains Director of Columbus Aquatics, Doug Kluth.  “We want to do things right and make this an annual event that everyone gets excited for,” Kluth adds.

The idea behind the flow clinics is to engage the locals and get them excited about the inaugural FlowRider FLOW Tour contest at Pawnee Plunge on Columbus Day, August 19th!

FLOW Tour is the premiere competitive tour featuring some of the world’s best riders but also features divisions for all ages and skill levels – youth to masters, novice to pro.

“The FLOW Tour encourages all participants to enter the competition. The events offer divisions for all ages and skill levels!” explains FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller.

You can preregister for the competition here! Entry fees will be collected by at the waterpark prior to scheduled competitor practice sessions on the event weekend.

Over this special weekend, Muller worked with Pawnee Plunge staff members so they can hone in on their training techniques. He showed off with some advanced riding and gave some pro tips to increase skill levels on the wave for both bodyboarding and stand-up riding.

“I live on a lake, so I wakeboard all the time.  It totally helped me pick up flowboarding a faster,” states one of the female lifeguards.  “Once I learned the basics and got some pro tips, I was super excited to try again!”

“The more comfortable the staff is on and around the wave, riding or training, the better the guest experience will be!” explains Muller. “First-time riders will be in good hands! These lifeguards are trained and ready to provide a safe and exciting experience,” he added.

“We have several staff members extremely pumped to take the FlowRider attraction to the next level here at Pawnee,” mentions Aquatics Manager, Brook Tomka. “He hasn’t left the FlowRider – every chance he has, he is working it or riding it!” Brook added when asked about one of her lead lifeguards.

Muller also hung around to help the local riders and out-of-town guests overcome the intimidation factor. He helped them exceed their current skill level on the FlowRider with basic tricks and stunts.  A lot of them will soon be able to show off to their peers at the competition in August!

“I’ve never even been to the beach before…” says one local kid who participated in the flow clinics, “it was awesome to ride a wave!”

You won’t want to miss the competition on August 19th! You may be the FIRST flowboarding Champion in Nebraska if you sign up and start mastering some tricks. Find out more details and preregister for the competition here: https://www.flowboarders.com/competitions/pawnee-plundge-proam/

*Entry fees will be collected by at the waterpark prior to scheduled competitor practice sessions on the event weekend.

Check out the photo gallery and video from the weekend!  Be sure to stay social with @flowboarders for all things flowboarding