Sunset Session at WHSD

With so many not-so-cool rumors and a lot of drama swarming around the FlowBarrel® for the past few months, we are happy to bring you a brand new photo gallery from Wave House. As the sunsets on west coast, which appeared to be just the other day, the Wave House San Diego Team riders had the special pleasure of riding their home FlowBarrel for the first time in a long time.

“I couldn’t stop smiling, it’s my happy place,” explains Eric Silverman, defending Men’s FlowBarrel World Champion. “Especially, since I thought I might never have the opportunity to ride this wave again.”

Say what!? If you are active on social media, you may have reacted with a sad face or commented with a serious pang of heartbreak.  We. Do. Not. Blame. You.  This is all rightfully so.  If you are not active on social media, then you will now understand how the news of Wave House® Durban’s FlowBarrel Double closing down and Wave House Mallorca’s left FlowBarrel 10 closing down in the last few months is tearing at flowboarders’ hearts all across the globe.

Both aforementioned venues have hosted World Flowboarding Championships – Durban in 2011 and Mallorca in 2012, and help generate the constantly-rising participant and athlete base of the sport we are all so passionate about.  The memories that flowboarders far and wide have created at these venues will forever live on, especially with some of the veteran riders of the sport like Amy Stevens.

“It’s is great seeing familiar faces and bringing everyone together to ride,” says Stevens, former National and World Flowboarding Champion.  Amy is a long time rider that feels the heartbreak like we do.  She is right, it’s awesome to have the crew come together in distant corners of the world, to catch up, to ride.  This tight knit community is what fuels flowboarders and the growth of flowboarding.

While we mourn the loss of these famous flowboarding landmarks and well known competitive arenas, the last thing we want to do is say good-bye to another.  However you may have heard the rumors about yet another FlowBarrel meeting its demise – Bruticus Maximus at Wave House San Diego.

“The session was awesome!” says Dereke Zeeman.  “Nothing but smiles from getting pitted under the lip to boosting above the lip,” he added.

We know – this is a hard piece of information to swallow.   Wave House San Diego has been the mecca for flowboarding since the beginning and most has recently contributed so much to the growth of the sport with its annual FLOW Tour competition and US Open of Flowboarding events.  We are choosing to remain positive and are simply enjoying every session we can get.

Unfortunately, neither the FlowRider nor FlowBarrel will be operating for public sessions this summer.  However if you are in the area over a summer weekend, there will most likely be a Wave Shows and/or some high-flying action from the WHSD Team.

Check out these pictures, bask in the orange sunset session light and remember the good times with us.  Stay tuned to learn what will come next for these venues and all the other FlowRider® venues around the world.