Thank’FLOW’ (ful)

Thank’FLOW’ (ful)

Happy Thanksgiving, Flowboarders!

The sport of flowboarding and the general use of over two hundred FlowRider® attractions worldwide (and counting), provide a lot of stoke and countless reasons for its’ one time participants and/or daily avid users to be thankful that they ‘Go With The Flow™’ and have experienced the flow difference.

Whether it’s the thrill from the experience of riding a wave for the first time (even if you do live in Iowa or Idaho) or the smiles it brings to kids’ faces (which are priceless), or the adrenaline rush from landing a new trick, the ability to increase your skill set and have epic experiences on or off the waves are endless.

FlowRider sheet wave simulators can be found at popular hotel chains, Royal Caribbean Cruise ships, local water parks and municipalities (check the locations tab above to find one near you), and needless to say it’s created a niche but loyal community and spawned its own sport over the last 10 years.

It has been one month since the FLOW Tour season wrapped up with the FLOW 2016 World Flowboarding Championships (WFC) at Wave House Sentosa, Singapore. When we look back, we find ourselves wanting to go back to Sentosa Island for the good vibes and exciting lifestyle, and it reminds us that we are Thank’FLOW’ (ful) for Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW), the passionate and determine group who organize events and promote the sport night and day throughout the year, and also for the FLOW family that the sport and attraction has built over the years. Who knows where the FLOW will take us next!?

In addition, we are also thankful for our headlining sponsors FlowRider Inc. & WhiteWater West Industries, who foot the majority of the overhead expenses and are increasingly opening doors to take the sport to new levels. Of course we have to be thankful our contributing and continuously supportive sponsors throughout the year. We couldn’t get it down without you! Boarders Magazine, 13roz Flowboarding, SuperDuper Surf,, NDG Surf, and more!

FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) is the governing body of the sport and the premiere competition platform for the sport of flowboarding. FLOW has Tours currently operating in USA, Asia, Europe and Canada with demands to extend into Australia and other regions of the globe in the future years.

In 2016, FLOW sanctioned nearly 50 flowboarding competitions around the world, roughly 20 more than previous years, all leading up the most anticipated and prestigious event of the year at Wave House Sentosa, in Singapore.

WFC16 was “a banger of an event” (meaning it was awesome!) describes Event Director and FlowRider FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller. It’s always hard choosing a great venue for the Final Competition of the year, one unique enough where all flowboarders are eager to visit and have the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

After hosting the WFC event in 2009 it was only fitting to bring the FLOW Champs back “to where it all started” in 2016, also celebrating the venues 7 year anniversary.

Wave House Sentosa, established in 2009, was the first real complete Wave House venue. “Having the opportunity to feature both the FlowRider and FlowBarrel style of riding at one venue, is ideal, it’s like having street and vert style (skateboarding) or slope and half pipe style (snowboarding); the best of both worlds,” explains FLOW head judge, Rob Chalfant.

Featuring the best flowboarders in the world, on both the FlowRider and FlowBarrel wave simulator attraction, the judges and spectators were in awe of the level of riding and entry participation.

“The FlowRider event was the largest we have seen to date. The levels that riders are reaching and the tricks being performed really show promise for the future of the sport” explains Greg Lazarus, Former FLOW Tour Coordinator, Event Judge, FlowBarrel Competitor and also known as the Grandfather of Flowboarding.

After announcing event results, crowning individual and team World Champions, it was time to party!

Celebrating another successful season, the anniversary of a well know venue, and raising our drinks to champions, it left a good taste in our mouths going forward!

The taste was so good that many flowboarders and traveling competitors refused to return to their homelands.

The weekend following the World Championships provided WFC competitors and flowboarding enthusiasts the opportunity and VIP invite to the Grand Opening of FLOW House Bali, one of the latest and most exciting FlowRider venues to make a splash on the map.

Who knows where FLOW will take you next year, the year after that, or the year after that.. But we know that we will always be thankful for the ridership, comradery, and those who support us as we grow the flow.

So, what are you thankful for? Or are you just waiting for someone to pass the gravy?

Support those supporting you, help grow the flow and we will “see ya on the wave!”

2016 World Flowboarding Championships – Results

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