FLOW Tour Rules & Regulations

Flowboarding is a rapidly growing, grassroots-grown sport. Since the early 1990’s we have seen the sport and attraction’s popularity grow through well-known athletes such as Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk and other notable supporters.

As the sport grows, we are creating our own icons such as Sean Silveira, Nick Nguyen, and Xana Nash; there are bound to be more amazing athletes added to this list too.. for instance we just crowned a 17 year old World Champion, Jake Chipman.

With that being said, it’s becoming progressively more important to know and obey the rules and regulations of the sport. The number one rule is to have fun on and off the wave, however, there are rules in place to ensure the safety of the athletes, the fairness of competition and, ultimately, to promote the best flowboarding on the planet when in the eyes of spectators.

The Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) coordinates and sanctions flowboarding events all over the worlds. FLOW Tour regions include USA, Asia and Europe. In addition the the FLOW Tour Prime events, there are Pro/Am competitions and local events. See the Official Rule book (below) for event descriptions.

FLOW has been sanctioning events over the past 5 years and has a mission that will be beneficial to the sport of flowboarding as a whole, as the purpose is to oversee common standards for competition on both domestic and international platforms.

Below you will find some flowboarding contest and judging basics but have also made the current version of the FLOW Tour Rule Book available for download.


2016 Rule Book

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FLOW Tour Membership Info


For additional details or to schedule an event, please e-mail Adam@FlowRider.com or call 1-619-241-2516