Travel Tips

FlowRider has 200+ wave simulators around the world, just about anywhere you want to go, you can flow! The FLOW Tour aims to take you to unique destinations, some which you never thought of visiting before.

Traveling to these events is two-part, vacation and competition, so flowboarders are bound to have super fun moments but also mishaps, delays and other setbacks along the way.

Here are a few travel tips for this season that will help you get the most out of your travel experience.

1.) Book in Advance – Do your research and check various booking sites for the best deals, but make sure you do in “Incognito” mode or in a “Private Browser”. If you continue to search the same dates over and over, creating a demand for specific dates, the sites will register your request and start marketing up the prices. However, going “incognito” does not completely keep your searches secret, so don’t go looking up nasty things on your moms computer or at work!


2.) Bring Snacks – Airport food is overpriced and unless you are sitting in first class, the small bag of peanuts or pretzels is just never enough. Plan ahead and pack your favorite munchies for the trip.


3.) Return Airport Luggage Carts for Money – If you have a long layover or find yourself hanging out in the airport for extended period of time, wander around collecting luggage carts and bring them to their docking station to collect some extra coins!


4.) Protect Your Gear- Always travel in style and protect your gear. We are all aware that luggage gets tossed around, dropped and sometimes even gets totally lost. offers both day and travel bags at an affordable price to protect your gear during trips and set your mind to ease.

5.) Sign up for Rewards- Pick your favorite airline or sign up for multiple reward plans if you use various airlines when traveling. Might as well rack up some reward points and get a little extra love when traveling. Over time you will earn seat upgrades, free luggage and other vouchers to make your trip just a little bit more enjoyable.


6.) Eat Local- We all gotta eat! Even if you are traveling on a budget, treat yourself from time to time and eat local.  The standard fast food joints and popular chains will still be there when you get back home from your adventure.  Step outside your comfort zone when you’re on the road.  It always taste better when it’s local and it feels great to support the community!


7.) Share your Flow – Each trip is an opportunity to explore and grow as a person. Be sure to take a lot of photos, video and stay social to document your travels. Stay social and active online by tagging @Flowboarders & use hashtags #flowboarders #flowboarding for a chance to get featured!  Don’t forget to upload them to your profile under the photos tab too!