Trick Shot

Haters will say it’s fake but, we will let you decide!  Check it out!

If you know Jon and you follow him on Instagram, you know he spends a lot of time on his home wave at Gaylord Palms Resort in Florida (which will be hosting a FLOW Tour Prime event on May 6th).  We can always count on him to throw together creative, unique and viral-worthy mini edits from the FlowRider®.

We have seen a ton of trick shots go viral, but to our knowledge, nothing has been thrown out like this (pun intended)!

Also we know he has more up his sleeve, but this is pretty darn impressive considering the balance and control he used with over 58,000 of gallons of water is rushing under his board at a speed of 25 mph.  Then being able to channel his inner Tom Brady and launching that volleyball hail mary-style over obstacles and hitting is target directly on the money?!?!  Amazing.

Just watch the follow-through and finesse…