Wake up, it’s Monday!

Leaning into a deep carve, throwing lots of spray and unloading the tail can really feel good when riding the FlowRider. Especially if you are a surfer, looking to express your style or release some frustration. And then sometimes, it get’s personal.

Spraying people is a bit rude, but most the time it’s actually funny when it’s not happening to you. Plus, we all know how hard it is to attempt a trick when a rider is spraying you are sending wake through your line.

In order to wake up on this glorious Monday (since, we can’t actually spray you in the face or dump a bucket of water on you) we decided to share a handful of photos that will hopefully make you laugh and maybe provide the effects of splashing water on your face to get you in the right mind set for the Monday workload.

Check out the photo gallery above and be sure to upload your own photos under the photo tab to share you flow!