Want to be a FLOW judge?

Think you have what it takes to be a FLOW Tour judge this season? Think you already know all the official FLOW Tour rules and judging criteria? Well, here is your chance learn more and maybe even become a judge this season!

Since flowboarding is a grassroots sport, there’s not much bandwidth to have a consistent judges staff. Often times the most experienced competitors are the most qualified to judge the events and end up jumping into the role. However, those riders are there to compete and focus on the tour title chase.

Whether it’s a professional or amateur sporting event, unbiased officiating is paramount to ensure that all the rules are followed and the competitive field is fair across the board. As our sport grows, the amount of individuals gaining experience and knowledge for the rules, regulations and judging criteria is growing as well.

With that being said, FLOW is seeking passionate individuals to volunteer their time during FLOW Tour events to dig in and learn the “ins and outs” of general event operations, protocol and responsibilities and most importantly the judging process. We are striving to develop high quality judges and educate competitors on the competition standards and criteria.

During the FlowRider® FLOW Tour Kick-Off Weekend at Silver Rapids Waterpark, along with complimentary competitor only practice sessions, free food & beverage, onsite DJ, there will be a judge’s seminar and competitor meeting prior to the competition.

During the seminar, attendees will be part of a guided review of the official 2017 rule book and a video session that will address the most common occurrences during competitions. This is an incredible opportunity to increase your knowledge of the sport of flowboarding and the FLOW Tour. The seminar should only last about one hour and will provide plenty of opportunity for questions.

This is indeed a volunteer opportunity, but new judges and volunteers will definitely get some sweet perks from FlowRider, Inc, hosting venues and quite possibly from some of the tour sponsors. Stay social and get involved when the FLOW Tour comes to a FlowRider near you! It’s definitely a fun experience to make all the magic of the tour happen.

In addition to the competitor and judges seminars, on Friday, April 21st, in partnership with event sponsors, Carpita Construction (CCI) Buffalo Wild Wings, Silver Mountain Resort and Waterpark will host a welcome party for all registered competitors, friends and family members associated with the event.

Visit the Silver Rapids competition event pages for more details, scheduling and registration!

See ya on the wave.

Please e-mail Adam@FlowRider.com for more details