Wave Crush Wednesday: Thermas dos Laranjais

Wave Crush Wednesday (3/30/16)

Our social media accounts have been receiving a lot of traction around the WaveOz content; flowboarders, follower and social media fans around the world keep commenting.. “What is the WaveOz?” “Where is the WaveOz?” “Has anyone ridden the WaveOz?” So, this week’s Flowboarders Wave Crush goes out to the wave everyone has been crushing on, Thermas dos Laranjais, home for the first ever WaveOz by FlowRider®. Here’s how the story goes..

Deep in the heart of Brazil….

Isn’t that how every great story should begin? Well, this is a great story and it actually didn’t begin there, but the ending is sweet, and in Brazil.
It all started in the mind of a young Spanish engineer, who also happened to be a surfer.

While working on this 180 degree wave concept, the model began to look like a boiled egg sitting on his desk – “Huevos” (eggs in Spanish) hence where the name came from.

Introducing WaveOz™ (pronounced “huevos”), the ground breaking achievement from FlowRider Inc. – WaveOz integrates all of the best sheet wave, simulated surfing experiences that you have come to know from FlowRider, and integrated it into the greatest ride experience on the planet.

Utilizing their latest ride surface technology, you are literally riding on air! That’s correct – a large, wonderful, comfortable carpet of air. The ride features the newest inflatable ride surface technology.

“It’s like flowboarding on a cloud” explains Sean Silveira, 5x World Flowboarding Champion. With a footprint of nearly 7,000 sq ft, that’s one massive cloud; we would certainly like to ride it!

“The venue is cool and the local riders are stoked on the wave, you can expect some good riders to come from here in the future” Silveira added. Sean was lucky enough to go down to Brazil to break in the wave and put on a show during the venue grand opening. As one of the main innovators of the sport and attraction, it was a fitting match. Oh, and he is part Brazilian.

In 2015, FlowRider constructed the first ever WaveOz at Thermas dos Laranjais in Olimpia, Brazil. This epic waterpark was the most visited waterpark in 2014 in Latin America and the 4th most visited in the entire world!
Along with the WaveOz by FlowRider the waterpark features more than 50 other attractions, including but not limited to: complex of waterslides, lazy rivers, beaches, playgrounds and more!

Not only is the WaveOz the first ever 180 degree wave in the world but it is also one of the few flowboarding videos to go viral.

The first video that “Thermas” posted on YouTube recorded over 1,000,000 views in 3 days!!!! EPIC is the only term we now for that kind of viewing and one of our longtime favorite flowboarders, Jeff Ranta is an internet superstar!

The WaveOz by FlowRider features 7 submerged pumps pushing out over 200,000 gallons of water over an inflatable ride surface. Offering a187 foot rail to rail platform, it invites flowboarders to carve out new moves that will absolutely catapult general ridership and competition to the next level.

“WaveOz could very well be the competition wave of the future” states FLOW Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller. “With an enormous ride surface, it’s truly a liquid canvas for flowboards do lay down a multitude of tricks and truly express themselves through their riding” Muller added.

And what does this mean for the venues, well it’s simple really. The more ride surface, the more riders; more riders equals more spectators. Plus the inflatable ride surface, makes the attraction even safer for the novice participants.

So, for those flowboarders looking to make the journey deep into the jungles of Brazil (well, it’s really only about 30 minutes from the SJ Airport Rip Preto and a pretty common area for tourists) Thermas dos Laranjais is an epic flowboarding destination and it will be well worth the adventure to ride the only WaveOz in the world.

Be sure to check out their locations profile on the website and follow their social media accounts to know your flow!
See ya on the wave!