Wipe Out Wednesday: Wobble Legs

We can always count on our #1 customer and partner, Royal Caribbean International, to make sure their guests have a blast in their FlowRider® zones!

While enjoying her time on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise recently, this woman geared up the courage to try to “Surf At Sea” on the FlowRider attraction.

Her first attempt only lasted a couple of seconds before wiping out…BUT, thanks to FlowRider’s patented tension ride surface, however, her wipeout didn’t deter her from getting up and trying again.

As mentioned, the Sport Staff members on Royal Caribbean ships do a great job with participants.  They are sure to make all riders feel comfortable and offer their training support with each attempt. However, there is only so much help one can provide for a case of the “wobble legs.”

Lesson: You’ll never know if you don’t try! And if you still don’t know, you can try again!