Worlds 2017: Greetings from Paradise

The 2017 FlowRider® World Flowboarding Championships will take place at Aquaworld® in Cancún, Mexico, November 3-5th featuring the best flowboarders in the world!

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More than 30 years after opening in 1986, Aquaworld looked to expand their offerings. They are known as the ‘Water Fun Experts,’ so they called the Original Sheet Wave Company, FlowRider®, (naturally, they are water fun experts too!) & installed a FlowRider® Double surfing attraction. Their guests can now experience the thrill of “surfing” a wave in a controlled environment! It only seems fitting that in less than two years these ‘Water Fun Experts’ are hosting the FlowRider World Flowboarding Championships.

“It’s one of the best waves I think I have built to this date,” states Josh Ornelaz, FlowRider, Inc. Lead Installer (who has built more waves than many have ridden). “I have no doubt that flowboarders are going to shred this wave, plus Aquaworld is a world-class venue, so it’s guaranteed to be an epic event!”

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Aquaworld is the largest marina/dive shop in Latin America; it is exactly what it sounds like and more, AQUA- WORLD (Also seems, very fitting for the WORLD Flowboarding Championships!) The venue features the FlowRider® Double, snorkeling, boat tours, dolphins and much, much more!

Since there is such a huge variety of adrenaline-pumping & extreme tours and activities, this will be the perfect environment for the most prestigious flowboarding competition of the year! Flowboarders from all over the globe will gather to compete of course, but will definitely explore the area and/or take advantage of all the action happening off the wave too.

Many competitors will show up several days prior to indulge in some practice sessions and to get a feel for the wave. Lucky for them, Aquaworld provides not only great activities, but great food, live entertainment and great seaside views. We are all in for some Aquatastic excitement!

Oh, and did we mention, Pre-Registered competitors will be entitled to discounts and special packages?!?!

“What started out as a family fun aquatic attraction, is now being taken to the next level at Aquaworld,” Says Ezequiel Guerrero, Aquaworld Director of Marketing. “The sport aspect of the FlowRider attraction has increased business and generated a passionate following of repeat customers.” Guerrero added.

Transforming into a competitive arena, FLOW Tour Regional Qualifiers, the best of the best and local competitors will take their talents south of the border to battle it out from sun up to sun down for a chance to take home the World Championship Title in their respected divisions, win some cash money and cool prizes provide by event sponsors!

Special thanks to Flow Water  who has partnered with FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) and is the Official Water Sponsor of to keep competitors, staff and hydrated with FREE Water samples over the weekend.

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“Even with the World’s best coming to town, you can’t count out the locals,” states Head Judge, Rob Chalfant. This region of Mexico has a serious squad of local flowboarders, anxiously awaiting the World’s best to come check out their wave. They are sure to make a statement while defending their home turf during this prestigious comp!

“Looking forward to seeing the highest level of flowboarding on display,” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator. “Our goal is to draw attention to the venue and attraction, we hope to see a big crowd cheering on the riders and enjoying the vibes,” Muller added.

Courtesy of SuperDuper Surf (SDS), competitors will be riding in style with the OFFICIAL  FLOW Tour Jerseys providing by SDS. Whether you are competing or spectating you can score one your very own WFC Official Jerseys, SuperDuper Surf is already taking pre-orders and will have limited sizes and quantities onsite.

Non-Qualified competitors will start their Title campaign in the Qualifying rounds, early on Saturday. Qualified riders will anxiously await advancing competitors in the Golden Ticket rounds, which will take place later in the afternoon. ENTER THE CONTEST HERE!

Top qualifying competitors from Mexico in the Mens Pro Fowboard, Mens Pro Bodyboard and Womens Pro Flowboard will represent Team Mexico in the Main Event.

Sunday will feature the competitor’s last chance for qualification before elimination along with the Final Rounds of competition. The World Champions should be officially crowned by sunset.

After the competition is complete, the fun doesn’t end. Following the event will be an Awards After Party, hosted at the Hard Rock Cafe , where everyone there can party the night away!

We invite you and your friends to join us at Aquaworld in Cancún, Mexico from November 3-5th for all the action. Don’t forget your bathing suits and good attitude because there will be plenty of opportunities for spectators and newbies to ride the wave, get wet and Go With The Flow™!

For those looking to register (click here) or who have already registered, there will be practice sessions with a LIVE DJ, FOOD TRUCKS and discounted offerings on Friday November 3rd.

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See below for event time line, format and stay social for updates and more details to come!

  • November 1st ,2nd – Competitor Check-In, Competitor Discounts and Incentive opportunities
  • November 3rd Practice Sessions/Media Opportunities/Competitor Welcome party and Meeting
    • Competitor Practice Times & Public Sessions:10:00am-12:00pm – OPEN PRACTICE SESSION FOR WFC REGISTERED COMPETITORS ONLY12:00-1:00pm – Public Session sales – Competitor Discounts1:00-2:00pm – Competitor WELCOME PARTY/MEETING/ WFC Country Team MembersSession/Media Opportunities


      3:00-5:00pmPublic Session sales – Competitor Discounts

    • 5:00-7:00pm- OPEN PRACTICE SESSION FOR WFC REGISTERED COMPETITORS ONLY7:00-8:00pmPublic Session sales – Competitor Discounts
  • November 4th WFC Trials & Qualifying competition
    • 8:00-10:00am EVENT SET UP & OPEN PRACTICE SESSION FOR WFC REGISTERED COMPETITORS ONLY10:00am-6:00pm – Competition on the Start wave2:00-3:00pm – Event Break: Judges Lunch and Public Session Sales7:00-8:00pm- Public Session sales – Competitor Discounts
  • November 5th WFC Main Event/Awards Party
    • 9:00-11:00am OPEN PRACTICE SESSION FOR WFC REGISTERED COMPETITORS ONLY11:00am-5:00pm Competition on the wave and Awards on the wave3:30PM: LIVE BAND SET4:30PM: LIVE BAND SET6:00-7:00pm: Public Session sales

      7:00/8:00pm – Party Starts are Hard Rock Cafe