OBX FlowGang (Baldwin Productions)

Published on Aug 23, 2018
Video edit provided by: H2OBXWateroark
Video edit by: Benny at Baldwin Productions

A new gang is making waves on the Outer Banks, and area law enforcement isn’t even aware of their presence.

The group is the OBX Flowgang, but you won’t find its members in a police line up. Instead, they are lining up at H2OBX’s Flowrider machine.

And they are in earnest preparation for this Saturday’s Flow Tour Pro-Am competition on their home turf at the Powells Point waterpark.

A Flowrider is a surf simulator introduced over 25 years ago in water parks and on cruise ships. Now there are over 200 Flowriders in service across the country and around the globe. READ MORE via link below.

Article by: Jody O’Donnell on August 23, 2018